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Now that skies are getting greyer and the mercury is falling many of us are considering trips to warmer and hopefully sunnier places.
A midwinter break can often be exactly what the doctor ordered – quite literally for those who suffer with any form of Seasonal Affective Disorder {SAD}. At Cover Yours we can provide Travel Insurance as well as all of the other great products on offer so get in touch now to make your your much needed winter break is covered!
Cover Yours Travel Insurance
So why bother with Travel Insurance?

Oh so many reasons! There’s the clients with the bags that never made it home or the clients who had to cancel their trip due to health circumstances. There’s also the client who had their wallet and phone stolen and the client who left their precious jewellery in the hotel – never to be seen again. Insurance is all about covering yourself for the “worst case scenario” so you can relax. A much-needed break is not when you want to be worrying about how to salvage your holiday.  In addition, if you book your travel insurance when you book your holiday, you may even be covered if one of your party is unable to travel due to illness!

Cover Yours Travel Insurance

Sometimes it seems like every man and his dog are selling travel insurance – from the usual suspects to flight and hotel companies, banks and large retail chains. But not all policies are created equal. As we often say here at Cover Yours be wary because what the headline gives the fine print takes away.  As a result it pays to have a handy insurance specialist in your corner!

(Check out our blog on Advisers vs Online for some more insights into the challenges).



Why Use Cover Yours for Travel Insurance?

One word – me. I am here first of all to help you get the insurance policy that is right for you. Furthermore, and sometimes more importantly, I help make sure that any claims are processed as painlessly as possible. If your trip requires a travel insurance claim the last thing you need is drama getting the claim to completion. Maybe you have pre-existing conditions? The company I work with covers some pre-existing conditions at no extra cost.

Are you based in Kapiti or Wellington (or are passing through)? We may even be able to meet face to face to talk through your options. That’s not an offer you’ll get from online providers!

Cover Yours Travel Insurance
Where should I go on holiday?

So many options! Winter holidays are huge business in the UK – they are even in their own category of travel called Winter Sun holidays. Here in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have some wonderfully warm places in Australia and the Pacific and these tend to be the places that most Kiwis head to for a winter break. If you need some inspiration here’s Stuff’s suggestions for the Top Travel Destinations for 2018   Let us know your favourite place to go!


Get in touch now to talk through your options by calling 0800 COVER YOURS or filling out the form below.  No obligation – just straightforward advice


A handy travel tip:

Pack the items you can’t live without into your carry-on. That way if the worst does happen and your luggage takes it’s own trip you still have what you need to start your holiday. Anything else can be bought if it comes to it. Just make sure you stay within the airline Carry-On Luggage Specifications. Happy Travels!


Marc Hamilton
Principal Adviser/Director


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