A 10% saving every year for the life of the policy.

Who cares it’s only 10% I hear your yell in a derisory fashion…. Not so fast though this could mean savings of $10,000’s over the lifetime of a policy.

Let’s put it in context. If you are a 30 year old with a policy paying a relatively cheap $200 a month you will save the price of a car over the lifetime of the policy, especially as policy premiums increase year on year (unless you don’t want your premiums to rise of course – click here to read all about that). As most families pay more than this you can see how over a lifetime it could buy a huge saving.


How much of a saving?

John and Jane are 34 and take out $500,000 of life cover, $100,000 of Progressive Care (trauma cover) and $50,000 of Income Protection each. They keep the policy until the age of 65 when they retire. Their combined saving would be just over $30,000!  What could you do with that?


What’s the catch?

As I say what the headline brings the small print takes away and offers like this are no different.

If you are already a Sovereign or AIA customer, then sorry no go. That’s the same if you are an ASB insurance customer. I know it sucks. Why don’t they give the same discount to the loyal customers …?  I can’t answer that but if another company does an amazing deal like this then you know what to do. Keep a check on my newsletter (sign up here) and I’ll let you know if a deal like this happens again.


Here are the rough rules:
  • Your policy must cost more than $19.25 a week (that’s nothing for quality insurance)
  • It must contain life cover of at least $100,000
  • The life cover must be combined with another type from the Total Care Max range. So some form of Trauma cover, Total and Permanent Disability, Mortgage Cover, Income Protection and even Accidental Injury Cover
  • We have until 31st December 2018 to get completed applications submitted, and the policy must be issued before 30th January 2019

The full T&C’s are here: 10% Discount for Life


And remember to tell your mates.

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