Pre-exisitng conditions
You’ve all got insurance policies? Great! When it was taken out it was undoubtedly the best there was on the market available to you at that time. Things change though – and your insurance needs to keep up with change or you may be left hanging.  It might be time for an Insurance Review.
Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789 state that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”
But he forgot change – change is probably even more certain than death and taxes because life is always changing. And it is precisely because of this constant that you need to do an insurance review of your policies to make sure that they keep up with our lives.
Cover Yours Insurance Review
A real-world (yet absurd) example
Here’s a ridiculous example for you. If you had an old Toyota Corolla with Third Party, Fire and Theft insurance, which you traded in for a new Audi, would you just transfer the Toyota Corolla insurance over to your fancy new Audi? Of course not!  You would review the insurance cover – and in most cases start from scratch. Similarly, if there are changes in your personal situation wouldn’t you want to review your personal policy?
Cover Yours Insurance Review
What sort of change are we talking about?

They don’t have to be huge changes, even small changes should be considered and the list of potential changes is exceptionally long so here’s a snapshot for you:

  • Pay Rise
  • Pay Decrease
  • going self employed
  • New baby or adoptions
  • Kids off to their own lives
  • Move house
  • Downsized
  • Paid mortgage
  • Increased mortgage
  • Bought a business
  • Sold a business
Cover Yours Insurance Review

My advice

At least once a year, generally just before the anniversary of your policy I’ll get in touch and offer a free consultation review. This is the most prudent time to make changes. It is also important to remember that many changes that can be made can only be taken advantage of a few months/week around the anniversary. If it has been some time since you took out your Toyota Corolla insurances and you’re now living an Audi life you should definitely look at reviewing your cover. After all , no-one wants to go back to a Corolla after they’ve had an Audi!

Get in touch now to talk through your options by calling 0800 COVER YOURS or filling out the form below.  No obligation – just straightforward advice.


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Principal Adviser/Director


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