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Working in the health service, you’re likely all too aware of the strains on the public health system. Budget cuts and an ageing population are just 2 of the many factors contributory to the huge pressure being put on our doctors, nurses and other health professionals working in this space. Regardless of the whys and wherefores, the public health system is undoubtedly under a tremendous strain.

So how do people like you – people on the front line – access private health care, when you need it most?  Today we’re featuring a health insurance offer exclusive to health professionals that offers a permanent 5% discount on premiums. It’s one of the highest rated products on the New Zealand market, and will ensure you secure the treatment you need without the frustration and delay caused by a long waiting list.


What Do I Need To Do?

Discount Health Insurance

It couldn’t be simpler.  As a DHB, PHO or associated health provider employee, you automatically qualify to take advantage of this special discount.

If you are a no-nonsense type of person who knows exactly what you want, click the link at the top of the page. Enter your details, remembering to mention that you are a DHB or PHO employee, and you’ll be provided with a quote.  If you’re happy you can apply straight away – it’s that simple.

Health Insurance SavingsIf there are any problems with the application someone will get in touch.

I would strongly recommend reading the differences between the policies and benefits before proceeding with any application.

If you like to know more information before making decisions or want to speak to a friendly human for specialist, impartial advice before taking the next step, please do get in touch. As a fully independent adviser I will give you an unbiased view on health insurers in New Zealand. No obligation, no pressure just the facts.

So You Want More Information?

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Some Other Useful Information:

This offer is through Accuro and is only available through this website.

If you need help with quotes or applications then please fill in the contact form above.

For a copy of our disclosure form, please e-mail.

If you want advice on other personal insurance don’t put it off.

Click Here For Your Discount Health Insurance

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